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Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing

Let us guess! You are an incredibly busy business owner. You are running between meeting clients/patients, managing your staff and closing deals. Your schedule is so packed, when will you ever have time to think about your company’s social media strategy, much less about implementing it?
…an update for Facebook..
…a mention on Twitter
…new product picture to share with your Instagram followers…. and the list never seems to end..! Is your head spinning yet?! Well, take a seat and a deep breath as we have a solution for you.
At Solina Productions Inc we have a dedicated team to create a customized social media campaign with proven results!

Social Media Marketing is a tedious and time consuming work that is better left to professionals. No SEO campaigns are ever well rounded or successful without the use of social media. A lot of companies-large and small- are investing in that area in order to boost the ROI (return on investment) in other areas of marketing and advertising.
When outsourcing this important part of SEO campaign, make sure you use a reputable company with proven experience and dedication to deliver results for you!
Check in and check back with them to make sure that you stay on top of all that is being created using your brand name.
Lastly, but equally important:
How do you know if your social media campaign is working?

1. your followers and friends are increasing in numbers
2. audience is paying attention and engaging you in conversations
3. increased traffic to your company website driven through social media sites
4. final sales

Allow Solina Productions Inc to take away your worries and manage your Social Media Marketing. For a free quote, please contact us!

Online Marketing For 2015

New year – new goals, new vision.
content marketing
Any business large or small needs a vehicle to drive the point across to their consumers. At Solina Productions Inc, nothing is more important than putting out the best quality product out there. Whether it is an optimized, responsive website, or strategic and powerful online marketing campaign; everything we do is to drive traffic to your products and services.
Few years ago, we have noticed a trend in marketing. That trend is even more relevant now and that is the importance and popularity of Content Marketing. Its popularity is continuing to skyrocket even today!
In 2015, more and more businesses will spend substantial amount of their marketing budgets on content marketing, as they are trying to move from traditional marketing to creating high quality, unique content that targets their client’s interests.
Engaging and interesting content is one of the top reasons why people follow brands on social media. It is very obvious that the more interesting something is to you, the more you are willing to interact with it. This, in turn, results in higher sales, longer time spend on the websites, increased customer satisfaction, higher customer interaction and better feedback.
The key in content marketing is to attract attention, keep focus and turn over. Catchy, targeted headlines grab readers’ attention, while carefully crafted and informative content keeps them interested and hopefully, coming back for more.
Aside from the information text that is included on the website, blogs are a great vehicle to introduce new content to your customers. Updating a blog at least few times a month with well written, unique content is key to driving leads and links to your website. Businesses with blogs receive 67% more leads compared to businesses without blogs.

Dedicate one person in your office to manage content marketing for business blogs, social media sites and website and you are golden! If you do not have that person, we will gladly help you with all your content writing and needs!

Beginners Guide to Social Media Marketing

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere
Nowadays, there can be no marketing strategy without social media being at the center of it. Our team at Solina Productions, located right in the heart of New York City, knows too well how important to have a comprehensive campaign in order to produce maximum results. If you are a small business and are just starting out marketing your product or service, here are some need-to-know tips to help you navigate social media and make the most of the platforms that are available.

• Frequently update your status (no less than 2-3 times a week)
• Know the best times to post based on the audience’s activity
• Short and sweet works! Keep it brief and to the point. Posts that are between 100-250 characters long tend to get 60% more likes/comments/shares
• Use visual help! Videos & photos that pertain to business engage more audience.
• Create interesting offers
• Communicate with your audience

• Listen to what’s out there already. Research key words and tags to see what people in your industry are talking about, what’s trending and what’s popular.
• Use hashtags (#!!) They are especially handy when you are trying to reach audience beyond those who follow your business.
• Tweet about promotions, discounts, helpful tips
• Engage your audience in conversation
• Comment and retweet (RT) relevant and interesting tweets

• A picture is worth 1000 words! Share photos and videos that pertain to your product or service.
• Use relevant image captions to grab attention
• Include questions to drive comments
• Reply to comments and send notes to people who have liked/commented on your page
• Use hashtags #!

These are just three examples of many social media platforms that are out there right now. Pinterest, Google+, Vine, Youtube, Flickr, Linkedin etc are all there for you to utilize in order to create buzz about your business. If used correctly, those are incredibly helpful tools for any marketing strategy. Our team can help you develop and implement best SMM out there!

Developing a Website That Works For You

Whether you are a your medical professional in New York City or already have an established medical practice, a custom developed and designed website by Solina Productions Inc team will be an important part of your business success.
Invest in developing a creative, secure and professional website, and do not underestimate the importance of a strong, easy-to navigate site for generating interest in your practice on the web.
The key is to keep the website simple and to the point; key word rich and focused on the message that you are trying to relay across to the visitor. The site that is optimized and responsive is easy to navigate from any computer, tablet and mobile device. This allows for easy reading and navigation, with very little scrolling, panning and resizing the page.
NOTE: 25% of users only access the Internet via a mobile device!!
-Choose a domain name that people can easily remember and that is appropriate for your line of business.
-Know your audience – that way you can build good, informative content to attract them.
-Constantly update new and unique content to the site as well as to the social medial accounts to increase brand awareness and help your site get crawled by search engines more often.
-Keep your website up-to date to keep your visitors coming back. There is nothing worse than an outdated site, which is hard to navigate and is unpleasing to the eye. (We offer SITE Rescue!)
-Use analytics and tracking tools to monitor how the site is doing and what you can do to better optimize it.

We love hearing from you! Contact us with any questions, comments or requests for FREE quotes!

SITE RESCUE –Does Your Website Need Some Work?

Web rescue
After over 4 years in the website development and optimization business, what we have noticed is the lack of understanding of the importance of an optimized, responsive website in order to be successful in promoting your company on the web! In New York City, many businesses are in urgent need of updated sited (or as we like to call it sites in-need-of-rescue) in order to not lose out on tremendous opportunities that World Wide Web presents.
Nowadays, website optimization can mean the difference between success and failure of your company, and it takes a lot more knowledge to achieve. Not too long ago, a well-optimized site was the one that took a little less than a day to open, however today –that is ancient history and nobody has time!
40% of people will abandon a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
Almost half of the Internet users report difficulty interacting with a web page, and 44 % complain about difficulty of navigating mobile sites.
48% of users claim that if they arrive on a company site that is outdated and isn’t working well, they take is as an indication of the business simply not caring.
Now, is this the way you want to be perceived by your customer?
If you need any help sprucing up your web page in order to march along with the 21st century, than give us a call or email for more information!

Social Media Marketing

Solina Prodcutions Inc

Solina Prodcutions Inc

To stay ahead of the curve in your line of business especially in New York City, all the tools available at your disposal need to be utilized for online marketing needs. SEO should be supplemented by a robust Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign.
Solina Productions Inc encourages all its clients to not only develop SEO strategies but also invest time and resources into SMM as well, in order to increase traffic to their websites.
According to Hubspot, 92% of all marketing professionals regard SMM as an important tool for their business, while 80% say it increases traffic dramatically to their websites.
What this shows is that there is a huge potential for Social Media Marketing to boost sales!!
Brand Recognition
You can use social media networks as useful channels for your business content and voice. Customers appreciate and value a level of openness and accessibility this gives them with businesses, and it makes our company more familiar, trustworthy and recognizable.
Brand Loyalty
Having an open social media platform to communicate with your customers is a great way to increase that. Brands, who participate in SMM, have higher conversion rates and that’s because they become more humanized by open and free interactions. In social media sphere brands are perceived like people, and most of us like doing business with another person versus a company.
Just a 7 hours a week can be enough to generate increased traffic to the website, while decreasing marketing costs.
Perhaps one of the other important aspects of SMM is customer communications and feedback. Companies big or small can always benefit from customer comments and suggestions. But it is a two way street, as that makes customers feel valued and appreciated.

The sooner you start Social Media Marketing the sooner you will see the benefits, so hurry up! You competition is already doing it!

Ask us how we can help.

E-Commerce Sites

No matter what kind of business you are running in New York, creating an Ecommerce website can be very beneficial for your bottom line. Whether you sell products, collect membership fees and dues, or accept payment for special events and/or classes, E-Commerce website can improve your business! Solina Productions Inc, a New York City based website development and design company, has been specializing in E-Commerce websites for quiet some time now. We create responsive design websites and mobile optimized sites that are user and SEO friendly.
For online shoppers design, buzzwords and convenience affect their need to shop.
Poor web navigation and poor overall design are reasons they choose not to purchase from a particular website.

42% of customers base their opinion of website on overall design alone.
52% of customers that did not return because of aesthetics of website.
64% of people would not purchase items from a website that is too slow.

Speed and efficiency and convenience are some of the many reasons shoppers are turning to Internet retailers. Having a website that runs even for two seconds slower than their competitors could mean a huge profit loss.
Therefore, when you decide to create an E-Commerce site, do it right the first time. Let Solina Productions help you!

New York, Here are 5 SEO Tips You Should Know

Use the right platform
Choosing the platform where you will build your website is a big deal, as it should be both Google and user friendly. WordPRess is highly recommended, as it gives you ease of use, plug-ins like All In One SEO Pack and Yoast, and friendliness with search engines.

Research your key words
You can use the Google ADwords Keyword Research Tool to find what people might be looking up to better chose the words that you will work with.

Keyword rich domain
Having heavily searched key words in your domain play a big role. Also, you would preferably want to have a domain with a .COM at the end of it.

It cannot be stressed how important original, well-written content is for a good SEO. While there are ways to confuse search engines, nothing will ever top well-written content that would be interesting for your readers.

Quality back links to your site weigh heavily, and if you have gotten all the above points down to a T, than it should lead to come high quality back links to your page.

Power of Color and Your Brand

Working with hundreds of small businesses in New York City, designing and developing their websites, it is hard to ignore the importance of color that business owners place on creating their brand. Psychology of color has long been an interesting and important subject for any marketing professional. At Solina Productions Inc, we place huge emphasis and spend great deal of time coming up with the right concepts, colors and ideas for our clients.
Large part of everyone’s decision is influenced by visual cues. Color is the strongest and most persuasive one of those cues.
People place visual appearance and color above other factors when surfing the web and deciding on what to purchase. 85% of customers place color as primary reason whether or not they decide to buy. Color increases your brand recognition and that directly links to consumer confidence.
Using the right color when developing the website is one of the most powerful methods of design. power of color
Some examples of color associations:
GREEN: wealth, relaxes and very easy for the eye to process
YELLOW: youthful and optimistic, grabs our attention
PINK: feminine and romantic
BLACK: powerful, trustful and used to market luxury products
RED: creates urgency, increases heart rate, energy
ORANGE: call to action, aggressive and urges to buy/sell
BLUE: trust and serenity, great for businesses, healthcare, banks
PURPLE: calms and soothes, often used in beauty products
These are just few examples, but they clearly illustrate the importance that color has in our daily lives, can attract specific types of people and change behaviors.

Color is part of your brand and its recognition so choose wisely!

Solina Productions Inc

Web Design & Development for Small & Medium Sized Businesses in New York City

Having a small or medium sized business is stressful enough, but running it in a city like New York provides a whole range of additional challenges. The competition is fierce and there is very little room for error.
Any business should use all the tools available to build its brand and credibility among customers or clients. Having a website and online presence is one of those very important tools.
Today, people turn to the Internet for information about products and services before they buy, therefore having an online presence is a very important asset to have for any business. It is quiet interesting to find out, that almost 70% of small and medium size enterprises still do not have a website. And to take it a step further, when we include a discussion on mobile optimization the numbers are even more startling, as only 21% of businesses have a mobile optimized version of their site.
Companies without websites and their mobile versions are missing out on relatively inexpensive ways to claim their brand on the Internet and in turn lose a huge chunk of potential business.

On a lighter note, 84% of businesses report major business increases once they get a website!

So New York City, let’s get with the time and go online!